Whip #84 is a 6-foot bullwhip with a 12 -inch Canary wood handle. It has a core of seven strands of un-gutted paracord of various lengths (Adam Winrich has this video to show how it’s done) bound with artificial sinew to a 1/4-inch steel rod, a single plaited belly, and a 16-plait overlay in olive drab, gold, and cream paracord. The canary wood handle has been drilled to about 10 inches and the exposed part of the steel rod was epoxied into the hole, making a very strong connection between the wood and the thong of the whip. It has a second 9-inch section of an overlay at the transition in gold and cream paracord. The whip is waxed.

Edit: After playing with this whip for a few days I changed the fall to one that is 30 inches long and weighted.

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