Saddle Tramp

Well, after a four-month hiatus to allow some problems with my wrists and hands to heal I have finally finished another whip. Here’s an 8-foot kangaroo-hide whip in black with 2 plaited bellies and a bolster around a tapered, twisted core. The bolster is calfskin but the core, the bellies, and the overlay are kangaroo. The overlay is a 12 plait dropping down to an 8-plait fall hitch. The handle is an 8-inch steel rod and it has a 34-inch cowhide fall and a 9-inch B55 bowstring cracker. The heel knot foundation is lead and leather, covered by a 12×16 pineapple knot in black and saddle tan. The transition knot is a 6×8 pineapple knot also in black and saddle tan. This is whip number 83.

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