Gold Snake

Whip # 26 is another 8 ft. snake whip. The overlay is a 16 plait in gold paracord with multiple pattern transitions. The heel is made from purpleheart accented with a Spanish ring knot. The first part of the thong uses a short herringbone which transitions into a double diamond, back to a short herringbone, … Continue reading Gold Snake

Black Cat

I’ve sold a couple of these cat o’nine tails in the last few weeks, almost identical, except that one had a 16 inch handle and the other an 18 inch handle and the knots are a bit different. They are pretty good looking whips, if I do say so myself. Here’s the one with the … Continue reading Black Cat


7 ft, 2 belly, 16 plait bull whip, 8 inch handle, English eye fall hitch, chocolate brown and rust, waxed.  Nothing fancy, I just wanted to work on making a solid whip, straight seams, no gaps, nice even taper, good looking transitions, no bumps (to speak of, anyway) and a nice smooth roll out. I … Continue reading Rustic

Baby Blue

Here’s a get-back whip custom made for a customer. The whip is 36 inches long, overall in black and white and baby blue. The knot holding the 8-ball is a 9×8 Turk’s head knot with a pineapple interweave. The core is a 4 strand round braid covered by an 8 strand whip maker’s plait. the … Continue reading Baby Blue

Kind of Blue

Whip #24 is a 12 ft, teal and turquoise, nylon cow whip. The handle is a 15 inch piece of Goncalo Alves hardwood. It has a tapered-twisted core, 2 plaited bellies and a 16 plait overlay that ends with another twisted taper. The weighted fall is 24 inches long. It has some pattern work on … Continue reading Kind of Blue