Get-back Cats

Here’s a mirrored pair of 4-foot all kangaroo hide Cat o’nine-tails with a panic snap at the handle for a motorcycling customer. The handle is 8-inches long, the 4-strand plaited tails are 24 inches, and the fringe is 12 inches. The handle is built up from a 4-strand plaited core, the first belly is an 8-plait that splits at the end of the handle into two 4-plait tails. The second belly is a 12-plait that splits into three 4-plait stails and the third belly is a 16-plait that splits into four 4-plait tails. Each plaited tail ends in a diamond knot. There is a kangaroo hide bolster between the second and third bellies that wraps over the panic snap to secure it to the whip. The bolster is held in place with artificial sinew. The final cover for the handle is also a 16-plait and the pattern was designed by the customer. The decorative knots at the heel and the transition are black 7×6 Turk’shead knots with a blue pineapple interweave.

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