Buffalo Bull II

A few weeks ago I received a request to replicate a whip I made using the method demonstrated by Adam Winrich in a video recorded by Nick Schrade.

Whip #74 is an 8-foot bullwhip in rust paracord with black heel and transition knots. It has a 10-inch steel rod as the core for the handle which is covered by 19 strands of ungutted paracord to make the core for the thong. An extra 8 strands of gutted cord are added to the core at the transition to give it a slight bulge. teh whip has a single 12-plait belly and a 16 plait overlay ending in a twisted-tapered tail. the whip has a 24-inch weighted fall and a 10-inch B55 nylon cracker. The heel knot is a 7×6, 3-pass Turk’s head knot tied over a lead foundation and the transition knot is a5x4, 3-pass THK.




Finished whip

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