Cow Whip by Hayes Rutherford

A few weeks ago a fellow whip maker and I made an agreement to exchange whips. I’m still working on the one I’ll send to him, but I received this sweet little 5-foot cow whip in the mail from him.

The whip thong is 5-foot, the handle is 14 inches and I believe he said it is made of lacquered birch. He also sent an unlacquered handle that is 12 inches long, in case I didn’t like the length of the one that was on the whip. I haven’t tried the shorter one yet as I really do like the longer handle on this whip.

The whip has a twisted-tapered core and an single belly, The overlay is a 12 plait and ends in a TT tail. There is an aluminum ferrule around the lip of the cup that the thong fits in that gives the handle a very nice, finished look.

I really like this little whip, it is fast, light, and well-balanced, and a lot of fun to crack.

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