Giovanni Celeste-the Italian whip maker

I recently bought a whip from Giovanni Celeste, a very talented whip maker from Italy. Gio has been making kangaroo-hide whips for two and a half decades now and his talent and experience can certainly be seen in this 8-foot Indiana Jones Raider’s of the Lost Ark replica. Not only did I end up with a beautiful whip, I also had the pleasure of doing business with an extremely professional man and a genuinely beautiful soul. Gio kept me updated throughout the process, sending photos of the build and the finished whip so that I felt like a participant in the process. The entire process, from first contact to the arrival of my whip was a pleasure and sincerely thank Gio for the experience and the whip.

Now for a few photos.

These are pictures that Gio sent during the build

Here’s the core and belly.

Starting to plait the overlay.

Some of the finished pictures that Gio sent me before pacing the whip for the trip to Texas.

Unboxing. Notice that there is a book in some of the photos. It was written by Giovanni and is a very beautiful treatise on building a kangaroo hide whip, start to finish with photos by Gio. I highly recommend it.

The Indy explores the Texas Panhandle

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