Here is whip # 35, a 7 ft. cow whip made from deerskin. It has a 6 strand 4 ft twisted-tapered core bound with leaded line and artificial sinew, 2 plaited deer skin bellies, one is a 6 plait and the other is an 8 plait, and a 10 plait overlay using a diamond pattern in black and white deerskin. The handle is a 12″ piece of Cocobolo. Each belly is twisted into the last strands of the previous core or belly. The overlay ends in a 4 strand twisted taper and a traditional fall hitch.

The strands for the core and the twisted-tapered core

core and keeper strandsTT core

Cutting the strands for the 1st belly. Cutting strands for this whip was very difficult because the skin was very soft and stretchy, especially at the edges by the belly. the strands had to be cut very wide (12mm) so that after stretching them out the would be wide enough to cover the core. The black skin in the video below has already had the strands for the core and keeper cut from it and you’ll notice that it cuts a little easier and smoother than the white hide since it has moved away from the belly sections.. These are the first strands from the white hide. It gets easier as I get closer to the middle of the hides.

After wet stretching the strands and letting them dry they were much easier to resize, taper, and bevel. They actually turned out much better than I thought they would.

1st belly strands

The first belly is a 6-plait.

deer sking 1st belly

The second belly is an 8 plait, all in black, as I had more of this color than the white.

Deer skin 2nd belly

Overlay strands. Notice the black flecks on the white lace? It’s fuzz from cutting the strands. The white fuzz was all over the black strands as well. It was everywhere.overlay lace

Plaiting the overlay.n3ZInLKLhDmlOY

Turning the Cocobolo handle.


The completed thong.


The finished whip.


3 thoughts on “Harlequin

  1. The Harlequin: A review by Dale Dassel

    Handmade in the historical tradition of drover whips used by Florida cattlemen for centuries, the rich legacy of quality craftsmanship is visible in every inch of this beautiful whip. PaloDuro’s Harlequin is patterned on the classic style of vintage Bucheimer whips. Each strand of this robust buckskin lash is cut and beveled to perfection, tightly braided for aerodynamic efficiency. The 2-tone checkered transitions are skillfully integrated, flowing together seamlessly to produce a distinctive and unique design. The solid cocobolo handle glows with the rosy luster of quality heartwood lathed with an expert eye for detail, while a decorative buckskin tassel harkens back to the pioneer days when long lash whips drove American progress. In today’s world of synthetic nylon whips, the Harlequin might have been plucked out of the distant past, a genuine masterpiece which proves that quality is indeed timeless.

    As a whip artist of more than 20 years, I can honestly say that this is one of the most exquisitely crafted whips I have ever had the pleasure of owning. It looks gorgeous and handles like a dream. Whip maker Mark Elliot has truly built one for the ages.

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    1. Thank you, sir, for these very kind words. This whip was a real challenge for me and I’m so very happy that you like it. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to build this whip for you.


  2. You’re very welcome, sir! This whip is an absolute pleasure to crack! I’m still getting used to the weight of the handle! Cocobolo is HEAVY! After 10 minutes of cracking, my arm was sore from the workout! LOL

    Thanks again for making such an awesome whip! I *really* love it!


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