Here’s a 8 ft kangaroo hide whip, 3 plaited kangaroo hide bellies, and a 16 plait kangaroo hide overlay. This is whip # 34. It has a twisted, tapered, rawhide core bound with artificial sinew and a kangaroo hide bolster over the core. The handle is 60 plait rawhide done in a style similar to a rawhide knife handle covering..

The bound and rolled rawhide core.

rawhide whip core

Bolster over the core.

Rawhide whip core and boster

First belly.Rawhide whip first belly

First belly bound with artificial sinew.rawhide whip first belly bound

Cutting lace for the second belly.

lace for the 2nd belly

2nd belly bound and rolled.

2nd belly bound and rolled.

Third belly, a 12 plait, rolled

3rd belly rolled

3rd belly bound and rolled.

3rd belly bound

The hide for the overlay, maroon, I think.overlay hide

180 ft of lace for the overlay, before it is tapered and beveled and split.overlay strands

Overlay strands cut to length, tapered, beveled, and split. Square start for the handle, which will be covered over with rawhide.start of overlay

The completed overlayoverlay

String cutters I made for the rawhide.String cutter 1String cutter 2String cutters

Cutting 30 3 ft strings 2 mm wide off of a kangaroo rawhide round’

Starting the fid work on the handle. Thirty 2mm strands spiraled down the handle.Rawhde whip handle strands tied on

Starting the back-braid.rawhide handle start of backbraid

First section complete. This is about 1/3 of the handle. 3 strand diamond plait with gaucho borders. The part that is above the rest at the right of the section is called a remate. The left border will have a covering knotrawhide whip handle

Plaiting the rawhide handle
Completed handle
Thong detail
Completed whip

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