Little Dogie

Little Dogie is whip #36, a 6 ft cow whip of black nylon with a 12″ padauk handle. This whip has a twisted tapered core with no added weight. The core was bound with artificial sinew. There are 2 plaited bellies- a 6-plait and an 8-plait and the overlay is a 12-plait alternating between a herringbone plait, bird’s eye plait, gaucho plait, and diamond plait.  It has an English eye fall hitch, a 24″ TT fall and an 8″ Fast flight cracker.

The customer asked for a very light whip and this one turned out after waxing to weight 15 oz overall. the padauk handle was finished with tung oil. And, yes, those are American Bison.


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