Iron Eye

Vincenzo Belante of V.I.P Paracord came up with a very nice looking combination of knots to hold a ball. He calls it the V.I.P Iron Eye and he and a Canadian gentleman by the name of Jim Millward were kind enough to show me how to make it.

Here’s my take on it-a 30″ black paracord get-back whip with a 1-3/4 inch ball bearing held in place by this knot combination. The whip overall is 30 inches long and has a 6-strand braided core covered by a 10-strand herringbone plait. The knot at the panic snap is a 7 part, 6 bight doubled Casa (a type of Turk’s head) knot, the handle is an 8-strand over-2, round sinnett terminated with an 8-strand diamond knot and a 7 x 6 Casa knot. The knot at the ball is a 11 x 4 doubled Casa knot. the whip is waxed.


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