About 5 miles from my home is the Alibates Flint Quarry National Monument, a flint quarry that has been used by humans for 13,000 years as a source of projectile points, scrapers, knives, and other stone tools.alibates-colors-lg

Whip number 30 is a 7′ 4″ nylon whip in rust and blonde that remind me of the colors found in Alibates flint. The whip has 3 plaited bellies around a twisted, tapered core. the handle is spalted tamarind reinforced with a steel rod. the overlay is an 18 plait, with an English eye fall hitch and the fall is a 28 inch twisted, tapered, double ended fall. The cracker is made from Fast-Flite bowstring material and is 10 inches long. The whip has been waxed in a hot bath of paraffin and coconut oil.

Flint (2)1280x1004] 02Flint (3)1280x974] 03Flint (4)1280x835] 04Flint (7)1280x745] 07Flint (8)1280x594] 08Flint (9)1280x853] 09Flint (10)1280x853] 10Flint (11)1280x750] 11Flint (12)1280x686] 12Flint (14)1280x853] 14Flint (15)1280x965] 15Flint (16)1280x763] 16Flint (17)1124x1024] 17Flint (18)1280x979] 18Flint (19)1178x1024] 19Flint (20)1280x853] 20Flint (21)1280x853] 21Flint (22)1268x1024] 22Flint (23)1280x814] 23Flint (24)1280x853] 24Flint (25)1280x810] 25Flint (26)1219x1024] 26Flint (27)1280x886] 27Flint (28)777x1024] 28Flint (29)1280x597] 29Flint (30)1280x860] 30Flint (31)968x1024] 31

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