Cow Whip

Whip #19 is  an 8 ft Florida cow whip. It has a 15 inch, hand-carved, purpleheart handle, an 8 ft. thong around a twisted, tapered core with 2 bellies, one a 6 plait and the other a 12 plait, and a 16 plait overlay. Each belly ends with the remaining strands twisting either into the core, in the case of the 1st belly, or the previous belly. The overlay  is in dark brown and chocolate brown and ends in another twisted, tapered plait to which a weighted fall is attached. The cracker is 8 inches of twisted Dyneema. Overall, from heel to cracker the whip is 12 feet long. The only materials used in the construction was gutted paracord (for the core, bellies, overlay and fall,) artificial sinew(as a binding,) leaded line(for added mass to the core and fall,) paraffin (to wax the thong,)  and purpleheart (for the handle,) Dyneema for the cracker, and Tung oil to finish the handle

The finished thong without the handle. It starts off with a diamond (O1U1) plait for about 8 inches, transitions to a whipmaker’s or herringbone plait (O4U4) for the next 8 inches, then into a short herringbone (O2U20) for 8 inches, then returns to the whipmaker’s plait for the main body of the whip.  The last foot is a tapered, twisted braid.20171110_155437

Starting on the handle20171110_175959

The completed whip. The handle is attached using two paracord strings that are inserting into a large cup hollowed out of the end of the handle and then threaded through a hole in the side of the handle and tied.21HkETx - Imgur_editedOjQnhEe - Imgur_editedSQ71mKT - Imgur_edited

Me trying out the whip20171111_162508

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