A Couple of Side Projects

Here’s a commissioned Cat o’ Nine Tails, and a Get-back Whip that I made just because I was bored one afternoon and it was too nasty to go out to the lake and I didn’t have everything I needed to start a new whip project.

The cat is red and black and is 30″ long with an 8″ handle, 8″ of tails, 8 ” of fringe, and a 6″ wrist loop. I started off by gutting, middling and flat braiding four 12 ft. strands for the wrist loop. The strands join at the end of the loop to make an 8 strand round braid around a single un-gutted paracord core. The 8 strand round braid is divided into two 4 strand round braids after 8″. The two 4 strand braids are finished with crown and wall knots after 8″ and the fringe is trimmed at an additional 8″.

The 2nd belly is a 12 strand plait for 8 inches then divided into three 4 strand round braids and finished in the same manner as the 1st belly.  The overlay is 16 strands and finished similarly.  The heel and transition knots are tripled, 7×6 Turk’s heads. The whip was waxed.20171109_205601

The Get-back whip is 26 inches long in black and white with panic snap and an 8-ball. The 8 ball is secured with a 9×8 Turk’s head knot with a pineapple interweave. The thong of the whip is an 8 strand round braid in a barber pole design. The handle is an 8 strand round crown sinnet, and the heel and transition knots are tripled 5×4 Turk’s head knots.ErRmbBk - ImgurPy0YxCd - ImgurQdzLIOW - ImgurUpVaVTE - Imgur

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