Will’s Lone Star Whip Final Post

I just finished up the 10 foot bullwhip for my nephew. It is my 4th whip and it turned out pretty nice, if I do say so myself. there was a few places where the cord didn’t lay as flat as I wanted but overall it is a pretty big improvement from the last one. Will asked for a 10 foot whip in black and green so that’s what I did. It has 3 bellies and the overlay is a 24 plait if a variation of a quarter pattern. The handle is 12 inches long with a 1/4 inch steel rod core. The heel knot is a quadruple pass 7×6 Turk’s head and the transition is a 3 pass version of the same knot. There is a 28 inch double ended weighted fall and a 12 inch dyneema cracker so the entire whip comes in at 13’4″. It weighs 2.5 lbs. It has a very nice crack. I’ll post a video of it when I get a chance. Here’s a few photos of the overlay, other photos of the build can bee seen in some earlier posts.

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