Regal Eagle

Finished my 5th whip today, a 6 ft red and gold bullwhip, 16 plait overlay, 1st belly is a 6 plait, 2nd is 12. It has a shot loaded core and 10 inch steel core handle, a 28 inch weighted fall and 12 inch Dyneema cracker. The handle has a 20 plait overlay in a diamond and Egypt Eye pattern. The heel knot is an 8 bight 12 part pineapple knot and the transition knot is a 9 part, 6 bight pineapple knot leading to a french spiral down the thong. The core and each belly are covered with a nylon mesh bolster and bound artificial sinew. I’m getting faster-started on Monday and finished everything except the heel and transition knots on Tuesday evening and I did them today. the concho on the heel knot is a replica of an old silver half dollar with an eagle on it. It cracks nicely and easily.

Handle and core with bolster and lashing in place

1st belly going on

1st belly complete and bolster and lashing in place

2nd belly start

2nd belly on, forgot to take a photo of the bolster and lashing.

Thong overlay begun

Completed whip

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