Sandstone Review

Dear Mark,


I am so excited and pleased to tell you how delighted I am with the whip you made for me.

This whip exceeds far beyond any expectations that I thought or I could have imagined.

The handle itself and its length is perfect. I don’t know if the thong is a 2 or 3 plait build but is just fantastic! As this tightly plaited diameter begins its transition to the end, the whip rolls out flawlessly. The sound of the whip as it cuts through the air is very, very serious, the crack itself, explosive!

Another impressive factor I really love is the loop or eye used instead of fall hitch. It makes it so easy to replace and re-attach a new

weighted fall.


I’m so happy with it Mark especially because it is my first nylon/parachord whip.

I’m almost ready to request you make me another whip.