Red Bull and Uktena Review

Simply put – you create AWESOME whips!  I can’t adequately express how happy I am with both!  They are absolutely fantastic – aesthetically pleasing to the eye (testament to your workmanship and attention to detail) with tight plaits and no blemishes that I could see.  And your excellent build quality translates to a linear, effortless roll out and resulting cracks.  Both are by far the best in my whip collection right now and completely unique in their own regard: Uktena a massive snake whip (like you mentioned and forewarned!) but an absolute joy to crack being not heavy for its size (thanks to the twisted tapered core vs traditional shot loading I suspect) and being completely predictable in the way it flows and rolls out.  Likewise for Red Bull – the addition of the ebony wood handle changing the characteristics to something between a snakewhip and a traditional bullwhip (in my opinion at least) – resulting in a handling and feel that differentiates it from Uktena and other whips that I own.  Hence I’m glad I bought both!- Chris Ng