Whip #59 is a 7-foot nylon whip with 2 bellies around a twisted-tapered core. The fall hitch is an English eye. It has a 10 inch 3/8-inch steel rod in the handle. The overlay is 16-plait in black with turquoise and purple highlights that reminds me of the color spot behind the eyes of a local bird called the Northern Roadrunner. The heel knot is a 7×6, three-pass Turk’s head over a lead and leather foundation. The transition is a 10-inch long back-braided Gaucho knot (Grant’s Encyclopedia plate #41 “Back-braid of 6 thongs” that I doubled to 12 thongs making it a 24-plait.) It has a 20-inch weighted, double loop fall and a 10 -inch B55 nylon cracker.

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