This is a 10′, 3 belly, nylon whip with a 10″ handle built around a 1/4″ spring steel rod and a twisted, tapered core. The core and bellies are bound in artificial sinew. The overlay is 20-plait and it has an English eye fall hitch, a 24″, weighted, double loop fall, a 10″ cracker made of Fast Flight bowstring material.  The heel knot is a 3-pass 7×6 Turk’s head knot built around a leather and lead foundation and the transition knot is a Small Pampas Knot, plate 180 in Bruce Grant’s Encyclopedia. The whip is waxed. This is my 48th whip.


Gaucho plait (o2u2) and the Small Pampas Knot and a series of 03u3 bands. The handle has two sections of Single  Diamond Plait separated by a Bird’s Eye

20191005_080831 - Copy

Another section fo o3u3 bands.


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