Whip number 46 is an 8′ cow whip. I intended on making this whip all deerskin, but after the first belly, I decided I didn’t like the natural color of the skin-the color was too uneven and it just didn’t look that good. I dyed the second belly a couple of different shades of brown just to try my hand at dying and liked it better, but wanted something a bit more flashy than the brown and things just sort of went to hell from there. The red dye was a disaster so, rather than buying another hide I decided to use a couple of kangaroo hides I had lying around for the overlay.

The whip turned out to be 8 feet long with a twisted tapered core that was bound with leaded line and artificial sinew, a 4 plait belly and an 8 plait belly with a 12 plait overlay. I ended the overlay in a 6 plait instead of a twisted, tapered tail like a cow whip normally would have and terminated it in a 6 standard fall hitch.

The original handle was to be of African ebony, but it broke as I was drilling the cup so I used a nice 14″ long piece of bocota instead. The fall is latigo, 24 inches long, and the cracker is bonded nylon.

The TT core was made from some left-over deerskin from a previous project.


Starting to bind the core. I’m using a tool called a serving tool that people that make bowstrings use to wrap the bowstring. You can also see the leaded line (about 4 ounces) that I used to weight the core with.

binding the core


The completed coreCore bound and rolled


Cutting the lace for the 1st belly

Cutting 1st belly

1st belly strands


1st belly complete

1st belly complete


2nd belly

2nd belly

Starting the overlay

Plaiting the overlay


Completed thong, I dyed the keeper strings to match the overlay. The dyed blue looks a little lighter than the kangaroo hide blue, but it matched pretty close after the keeper laces were greased.

Completed Thong


Turning the ebony handle.

Truning the handle

Here’s the finished whip.

completed whip (2)completed whip (3)completed whip (4)completed whip (7)completed whip (6)completed whip (1)


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