Cat o’ Nine-tails

Here’s a little cat I made for a customer this week.

It is 30 inches long of un-gutted paracord. The wrist strap is a 4-plait flat braid that transitions into an 8-plait herringbone over a core of a single un-gutted strand of paracord. At the end of the handle it splits into a pair of 4-strand round braids in a barber-pole pattern. The round braids end in a 4-strand diamond knot and the strands are left hanging as a fringe.

The second layer or belly is a 12-plait herringbone that splits into three 4-plait round braids with the same treatment as the first two.

The overlay is a 16 plait herringbone that splits into four 4-strand round braids, again with the same treatment as the other five.

The heel knot is a 7×5, 3-pass, Turk’s head knot and the transition is a 4×5, 2-pass THK

The whip is waxed in a hot bath of paraffin, beeswax, and coconut oil.


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