Trinity Whip Company

I’m always on the lookout for a good deal and ran across one this weekend. Blake Bruning,  the owner, and whipmaker at Trinity Whip Company had several Indiana Jones style whips for sale at what I thought was a very nice price. It’s a kangaroo hide, 6 ft, KOTCS -a copy of the whip used by Harrison Ford in the Indian Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull film. The whips in the film were made by Terry Jacka, Joe Strain, and David Morgan. The whips in the first 3 films were designed and made by David Morgan.

Honestly, although I am a fan of the movies and have seen them all numerous times, I could not tell you what the difference was between the whips in the 4 films, although there is enough difference that true whip-wielding Indy fans can tell them apart.

Here is a description of the whip given to me in a Messinger exchange with Blake.

“This is on the slim spectrum for an Indy. It is a light performer. The heel is slimmer then one would on an 8′ or 10′ classic Indy to make it fit the whip better. Also, this was an Instock so I was playing around a bit with the flare out and I tapered everything a little faster than normal. Usually, there is a little more weight in one and it is carried out a little more towards the 1/4 mark than I made this. I was working on ways to make the flare put it right where it needed, but not stay as thick after the knot ended and as it comes into the transition.”

Anyway, the whip is small, but it is very well made and very beautiful, it handles nicely and best of all, it doesn’t make my arthritic wrists hurt.

Blake was very helpful and very professional in our conversations and the transaction. the whip arrived very promptly and was everything promised.



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