This custom whip is 5 ft. long overall with a 16 inch Canary Wood handle. the 44-inch long thong has an un-weighted core, 2 plaited bellies and an overlay of OD green, gold, and blonde paracord.  There is a short carapace where the handle and thong connect of the gold and blonde cord in a short herringbone pattern. The fall hitch is an English eye.  I started plaiting the thing over the last 3 inches of a 1/4 inch steel rod and then drilled a hole down the center of the handle and epoxied the rod into the handle. the joint between the handle and thong is covered with a 7×6, 2-pass, Turk’s head knot. It has a 30-inch weighted double-ended fall and a 10-inch Fast Flight cracker. Whip #43.


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