A Few Leashes

I haven’t done much whip making in the last few weeks.  We went on vacation and did a lot of touristy things, drove a lot, and visited some relatives. I did get a few leashes finished that some customers had asked for.

A 5-ft., 4-strand, round braid, latigo leash for my sister.


Another latigo leash for a customer.


Two paracord leashes for a customer. These are 5-ft leashes using an 8-strand gaucho braid for the body. The handles are ABoK #2996, an 8-strand, double-edged, flat braid. There are pineapple knots at the handle transition and double diamond knots at the clasp.


This one is for a co-worker. It’s a 5-ft paracord leash with an 8-strand herringbone plait for the body. The handle is ABoK #2996, an 8-strand, double-edged, flat braid. It has pineapple knots at both transitions.


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