Whip #40 is a 10′, 12 plait, kangaroo hide bullwhip. It has a twisted rawhide core, 2 plaited roo hide bellies and 2 roo hide bolsters. The 12″ handle is turned from cocobolo and finished with tung oil. the plaiting near the handle is a gaucho plait that transitions into a herringbone after about 12″. The thong ends in an 8 strand fall hitch. The fall is a 30″ tapered and beveled latigo strap.


7WMePB2 - ImgurS9Cir5w - Imgur

Adam Winrich, Nick Schrader, Steve Townsend, and Blake Bruning playing around. Adam Winrich is using this whip in the videos. Blake Bruning is the cameraman and Nick Schrader is holding the targets.

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