Here’s an 8 ft. nylon bullwhip in black and silver.  It has 2 plaited bellies over a shot loaded core, 16 plait overlay with several pattern changes on the thong itself to add a little texture to the whip.  It has an Engish eye fall hitch, a 30-inch weighted fall, and a Fast Flight cracker. the handle is 9 inches and has a 1/4-inch steel rod as a core. the heel knot has a leather and lead foundation and is covered with a 7 part x 6 bight tripled Turk’s head knot. the transition knot is a Double Gaucho Knot of Three Passes as found in Bruce Grant’s Encyclopedia of Rawhide and Leather Braiding, plate 168.  I added a short decorative section that extends from the transition about a foot down the thong of silver nylon done with a method described in Grant’s Encyclopedia as a Back Braid of Six Thongs, plate 41, except I did it with 12 thongs resulting in a 24-plait gaucho braided decorative covering. This is whip #39,DpRnaxKQYPvhTcyQBHfUF

By the way, whip makers tend to use the word thong to mean the part of the whip between the handle and the fall.  We also tend to use the word strands or plait whereas rawhide braiders will use strings or thongs to mean the same thing.



8 thoughts on “Silverado

      1. Thanks for the information I was trying to decide between the hickory stick stock whip and this one and which one would fit my budget better I don’t think this one will work in my price range. Thanks again.


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