6 ft Kangaroo hide Stock Whip

Whip # 27 is a 6 ft kangaroo hide stock whip wit an hand formed 18 inch Goncalo Alves crop. The core of the thong is 4 strands of  twisted-tapered kangaroo hide that is wrapped with leaded line and then bound with a closed-loop binding of artificial sinew followed by two layers of open loop binding. The core was then covered with a kip-skin bolster tied in place with artificial sinew.. The belly is an 8 plait that runs the entire length of the 6 foot thong and was cut with a yoke with 4 strands running from each end of the yoke that were tapered and beveled. The keeper was cut from kangaroo hide and placed over the yoke and bound into place arificial sinew in a closed loop binding.

The overlay is a 16 plait. I cut 8 strands of lace and beveled and tapered them from the middle of each strand and tied them onto the thong using a square start method. the first 6 inches is a diamond plait which transitions into a herringbone for the remaining length of the whip and ends in an 8 strand fall hitch. The fall is 30 inches of 3 mm latigo tapered fromabout 7 mm to 3 mm. The cracker is Dyneemo fishing line.

The crop was shaped from an 18 inch long Goncalo Alves turning blank by hand using rasps and knives and sandpaper. The keeper is kangaroo hide lashed to the crop with bonded nylon line like what is used for making bow strings. I used a method I found in Ron Edwards’ How to Make Whips and then covered the binding with a French hitching of kangaroo hide. I didn’t want to cover any more of the wood than necessary so rather than plaiting a long covering, I just tied a 7×6 THK onto the end of the crop. The thong was shellacked to finish it.

For some reason I didn’t get any photos of the core, but this is tapering and beveling the belly strands.

stockwhip 5

Starting the belly from the yoke. You can see the kip-skin bolster.stockwhip 6

The belly completed. I like to plait the first 5 or 6 inches in diamond plait just to make it more secure.stockwhip 7

Strand cut for the overlay

stockwhip 8

Staring the overlay with a square start after the keeper was tied on. I later secured this with a bit of bonded nylon thread binding and coverd it with a 5×4, 2 pass THKstock whip

The finished thong.

stock whip 2

The handle has been shaped and finished with 5 coats of tung oil.

stockwhip 9

Binding the keeper to the crop with bonded nylon thread using a technique from the Edwards’ book. I covered this with a French hitching of kangaroo lace.

stock whip 3

The finished whip.

stockwhip 13stockwhip 12stockwhip 10

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