Kangaroo Hide Quirt

I had some strands left over from a couple of kangaroo hide whips I made a few months ago and I thought I’d try another quirt.

The core is not kangaroo, it is a 20 inch long piece of 8 oz., veg tanned, cowhide cut about 1 inch wide on one end and tapered down to about 1/4 inch on the other. I wet and twisted the piece and nailed it to my workbench until it dried, inserted a 5 inch long tapered steel rod into the but end and bound the entire thing with artificial sinew.

Roo quirt 1

The quirt is loosely based on Bruce Grant’s quirt (plate 71 in the Encyclopedia of Rawhide and Leather Braiding and he uses a technique he calls a back braid of 6 thongs (plate 41) for the overlay. It starts out with a very loose O1 U1 braid around the core. This is 1/8″ kangaroo hide lace wide throughout, no taper.

roo quirt 2

Then 3 of the strands are are braided back up the whip parallel to the left side strands

roo quirt 3

and then the other 3 strands are braided in an O2 U2 pattern to the right hand side strands.

Roo quirt 5

Which results in this gaucho braid. Strangely enough, the drawing of the quirt shows a short herringbone braid even though the drawing of the back braid of 6 thongs shows the gaucho pattern.

roo quirt 6

The lash is also 8 oz., veg tanned cowhide is attached using a Spanish ring knot under the lash and another one over the lash.roo quirt 8

The heel is a 9×8 casa knot and the strap is a flat braid of 3 thongs. All the knots, the strap and the overlay are kangaroo hide.roo quirt 7

The quirt is finished with thinned shellac.

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