Black and Tan Fantasy

Whip number 20 is a kangaroo hide whip, my second roo hid and it turned out pretty well. The last leather whip  I made was a 4 plaited belly whip, all kangaroo hide,this one has 3 plaited roo hide bellies and 2 calfskin bolsters. I wanted to do both styles to see which one I liked the best and to be hones, this one seems to flow a lot more fluidly and crack easier than the all plaited roo hide whip does.  Maybe the one with the 4 palited bellies just needs a little more time to break in.

Anyway, here’s the new one. It has a 12 inch, 1/4 inch steel rod for an handle, a calfskin core covered by a 4 plait roo hide belly, a calfskin bolster, an 8 plait roo hide belly, another calfskin bolster, a 3rd roo hide 12 plait belly and a 16 plait roo hide overlay in natural and black. The heel and transition knots are 7×6 pineapple knots. It has an 8 strand fall hitch, a 28 inch latigo fall and a 14 inch, tapered Dyneemo  cracker. The cracker, by the way, was made by Rachel McCollough of  Wolf Creek Whips. It’s also the first time I’ve incorporated a wrist strap onto one of my whips. The wrist strap is a double-edge 8 strand flat braid (ABoK 2996.)

Black and Tan Fantasy (1)Black and Tan Fantasy (2)Black and Tan Fantasy (3)Black and Tan Fantasy (4)Black and Tan Fantasy (5)Black and Tan Fantasy (6)Black and Tan Fantasy (7)


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