Get-back Whip Cat o’ Nine Tails

Here’s a get-back whip designed like a small cat o’ nine tails. It’s 30 inches from the panic snap to the ends of the fringe. The handle is 14 inches,including the snap, and is 2 bellies and an overlay around a 4 strand braided core. The core becomes the first of the tails and each belly as it finishes covering the handle extends into two or three tails. All of the tails are 4 strand round braids that are 9 inches from the transition knot to the terminal knot of each tail and the fringe adds another 7 inches. The handle overlay and all of the tails except the core tail is done in Black and Royal Blue-the handle in a hound’s tooth pattern and the tails in a barber pole pattern. The heel knot is a 7×6 doubled Turk’s head and the transition knot is a 9×8 Turk’s head. The terminal knots on the tails are crown and wall knots20170906_22091620170906_22121920170906_22122320170906_22123820170906_221244

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