Gold Digger

Gold Digger (my 12th whip) is a 6 foot bull whip in chocolate brown, gold, and canary yellow. I wanted to make a lighter whip than the ones I’ve been making and I’m pretty pleased with the results. I didn’t put any shot in the core on this one, and it only has 2 internal bellies, so it doesn’t have the bulk of my other whips. It also has an 8 inch handle instead of a 10 or 12 inch handle like the others.

The thong is a 16 plait that starts with a short herringbone in chocolate brown with gold and canary yellow highlights and then transitions into a regular herring bone for the rest of the whip.. The thong ends in a 6 plait with a traditional fall hitch securing a weighted 20 inch fall and a 10 inch Dyneemo cracker.

There handle is also a 16 plait in chocolate brown, gold and canary yellow that transitions through several different plaits.  The carapace was square started about 18 inches from the heel and plaited in gold and canary yellow using a short herringbone plait back up towards the handle. 8 bight, 9 lead Turk’s head knots in chocolate brown secure a brass collar at the transition and the hell knot is an 8 bight, 15 part herringbone knot.

This next photo is the only one that the true colors really came out on.

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