Transition: 16 Strand Diamond Plait to Herringbone Plait

Bernie Wojcicki was an Australian whip maker that made several thousand whips over his life time. Unfortunately I never got the chance to correspond with him as he died in 2016, a few months before I became interested in the craft.  He did a series of videos over the last 10 years or so of his life and they are available on his YouTube channel, Bernie46

If you are at all interested in this art you should watch his videos.

This transition is buried in a video he made showing how to do a 16 plait diamond braid for the handle of a bullwhip and this is how he transitioned from the diamond plait to the herringbone plait for the thong.

This is the starting position-the next strand to be worked is the upper right-hand strand (silver.)20170705_191348

the silver strand is pulled around behind the piece and plaited U1, O1, U1,O1, U1, O3


This is repeated on the right hand side, bringing the uppermost left-hand strand behind and U1, O1, U1, O1, U1, O320170705_220751

The nest upper right-hand strand is brought around behind and U1, O1, U1, O5 20170705_220925

and then repeated with the upper left hand strand20170705_221041

The next upper right-hand strand is brought around behind and then U1 O1, U2, O420170705_221217

mirrored by the upper left-hand strand20170705_221322

Now the herringbone is established and you continue on with and under 4, over 4 pattern.20170705_22143020170705_22160420170705_222427

13 thoughts on “Transition: 16 Strand Diamond Plait to Herringbone Plait

  1. I followed Bernie for years, I miss him.
    This is just what I was looking for and couldn’t find in his videos.
    Thanks so much!


      1. I only started to learn more than 2 year ago. How can I recalculate this for an 18 plait whip?


      2. I’m afraid I made a mistake. Not thinking I though to more strands was an 18 plait. I added two more which is a 20 plait. Crap! Does it work the same way but rather starting Over I start Under?



      3. Thank you so much. It worked perfectly. I need to learn how one figured out ther strand placement.


  2. Me again. Been awhile since I last messaged you. Got a call for an 18 plait and remembered your formula. But I’m a little confused of how you wrote it. Please clarify.


    ouououo3 on each side
    ououo5 on each side
    ou3o5 on each side
    u4o5 on each side

    I figured o3 u3 o3
    o5 u4
    u3 o5
    u4 o5


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