8 1/2 foot Bullwhip Build

I started on n 8 1/2 ft bullwhip last week and was able to get the core and first belly on before having to go to work Saturday morning. I put in 36 hours over Saturday and Sunday at work (I’m a Paramedic-36 hours over 2 days is a normal schedule for me. Leaves me with 5 days off every week) and didn’t get a chance to work on it again until today. I was able to get the 2nd belly on today.

The whip is a nylon whip, 8 1/2 ft long from heel to the start of the fall, 3 bellies, and a 20 plait overlay. It will have a 28 inch weighted fall and a 12 inch dyneemo cracker for a total length of 11 ft 10 inches. It will have a 10 inch steel core handle and the core is weighted for the first 2 feet. The first belly is an 8 plait that extends approx 22 inches past the transition. The second belly extends 48 inches past the transition and is a 12 plait. the 3rd belly will be a 16 plait. The transition is strengthened before each belly and the overlay with a nylon mesh bolster and artificial sinew lashing. I haven’t decided yet on the overlay colors and patterns.

If you’d like to learn more about whips, how to make them, how to use them or maybe even buy a whip, you should check these guys out. They are awsome.

Nick Schrader at  http://www.nickswhipshop.com

Tyler Blake at http://www.exowhips.com

Robert Amper at   http://whip-basics.com

Also check out Bernie46 (Bernie Wojcicki) on YouTube. He made beautiful leather whips and his videos are very educational and a lot of it can be applied to nylon whips. He died last year, but was a legendary whip maker.

Here are a few photos of the process so far.  I’ll post more as it grows.

Core and first belly in progress


second belly8.5 ft bull whip 2nd belly8.5 ft bull whip 2nd belly (3)8.5 ft bull whip 2nd belly (1)

Pleased with the stiffness so far in the transition. Still have to add the bolster and lashing to this belly and then another belly and bolster and lashing and then the overlay.8.5 ft bull whip 2nd belly (4)

2 thoughts on “8 1/2 foot Bullwhip Build

  1. Nice looks good been watching Nick for a couple of years love the physics of it.. 1 question palodura down canyon way. I’m in eastern Colo S.E. k÷p up the good work.


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