How it Started

I began tying knots in paracord  about 6 months ago, starting with bracelets and key fobs and progressing to lanyards and hiking stick wraps and culminating last month with a couple of whips. Here’s a few photographs of the learning process. Hope to make a lot more whips.

A few of the many bracelets I’ve made  

Key fobs and zipper pulls


Lanyards and dog leashes

Hiking stick handle wraps

And the whips-first some Get-back whips

A 32 inch snake whip that was my first-a small one just to see if I really wanted to. It has a shot loaded core, 2 bellies and a 12 plait overlay in black and gold

A 6 ft bull whip and a few photos of the build. Shot loaded core, 2 bellies with nylon and artificial sinew bolsters and a 16 plait overlay in balck and red.

My current project-the core and first belly of an 8.5 ft bullwhip, shot loaded core, 3 bellies, 20 plait overlay

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