Red Ryder

Red Ryder is a 9-foot, cow whip with a 12-inch Goncalo Alves handle. It has a 2 ft long twisted tapered core and 2 plaited bellies. The16-plait overlay is rust paracord. The fall is shot loaded and is 24 inches long. The whip has been waxed. This is whip #70.

Red Ryder was a Western comic strip created by Stephen Slesinger and artist Fred Harman. The strip ran from Sunday, November 6, 1938, through 1965. One of the product spinoffs was the Red Ryder BB gun that Ralphie wanted in the movie, A Christmas Story. He almost shot his eye out with it.

2 thoughts on “Red Ryder

  1. Rust, when waxed, is one of my favorite colors because of the similarity to aged leather patina. This is my first time seeing Red Ryder, not sure how I missed your write up on it in the past
    Looks awesome.


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