Las Hermanas

Whips 67 and 68 are a matched pair of 5-foot stock whips in midnight blue and gold paracord with black keepers and heel knots. The heel knots are 8×5, 3-pass THK. They have twisted-tapered cores, a single belly and a 12 plait overlay. One whip weighs 9.95 ounces and the other is 9.90 ounces. The handles are 5/8″ oak and are 18 inches long. The falls are 22 inches long and the crackers are made of B55 nylon string.

Here are the twisted tapered cores. 27-inches long.

The Bellies. The tape is just there to hold the plait until the overlay reaches that point.

Start of the overlay, Midnight Blue and gold.

Here are the completed overlays. The midnight blue looks black in the artificial light of my dining room.

The keepers are secured to the handles using B55 nylon string. I’ve gotten one of the handles covered but miscut the lace and I’m now having to wait for more midnight blue paracord to arrive before I can cover the other handle and tie the knots.

The finished whips.

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