Ghost Lightning

There’s a scene in the Larry McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove where there is greenish lightning rolling off the horns of the cattle during a thunderstorm. I reckon it was just a form of St. Elmo’s Fire caused by static electricity. I don’t recall if they used the term Ghost Lightning in the book but I always heard that term used for that particular phenomenon when I was growing up.

Here is whip number 63, a 16-plait 10-foot nylon whip with a 10-inch handle in black and neon green. It has a 10 steel rod in the handle, a twisted-tapered core and 3 plaited bellies bound with artificial sinew. The heel knot is a pineapple interweave in a 9×8 Turk’s head knot and the transition is a 5×4, two-pass THK. It has a 30 in double looped fall and a cracker made of B%% bowstring cord. The whip is waxed.

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