Tiny is not a word used much in Texas, and when it is used it is usually in an ironic sense, but here’s a cute, tiny whip, only 2-foot long, I made for a customer. It turned out better than expected. It actually cracks nicely, something I didn’t expect, and although I’m not exactly sure what you would do with such a short whip, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

Whip number 57 is 2 ft. long with a 5-inch handle formed around a 1/4-inch spring steel rod. The core is stuffed with BBs to about 8 inches down the thong. It has a single 6-plait belly using 550 paracord. I used a 3/16th-inch paracord (sold as Whipmaker’s Cord by The Paracord Store) for the overlay which allowed me to make the overlay a 16-plait. It has a 16-inch fall and an 8-inch cracker. The heel knot is a pineapple interweave in a 9×8 bight Turk’s head knot over a lead foundation. The transition knot is a 3-pass 5×4 Turk’s head knot. The smaller cord also let me end the whip with an 8-plait fall hitch.

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