Junior Florida Cracker

This cow whip was made for a young man just becoming interested in whips. It has a 6 strand twisted-taper core, a single belly, and a 14-plait overlay, the thong is 6 ft long in electric blue. It has a traditional twisted=taper tail, a 14-inch fall, and an 8-inch cracker. The handle isGongalo Alves and is 12 inches long.

A cow whip was traditionally made of deerskin and had a detachable wooden handle and was used by Florida cowboys to herd cattle. The whip was made this way so that the handle could be reused when the thong wore out. The deerskin tended to mildew in the hot humid climate of Florida.  In the 1970s whipmakers started using nylon because it resisted the mildew common in deerskin whips

Read this for more about the history of Florida Cowhunters 

This is whip # 51.


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