Gold Snake

Whip # 26 is another 8 ft. snake whip. The overlay is a 16 plait in gold paracord with multiple pattern transitions. The heel is made from purpleheart accented with a Spanish ring knot. The first part of the thong uses a short herringbone which transitions into a double diamond, back to a short herringbone, then into a bird’s eye plait followed by a longer section of herringbone plait. Just before the 16 plait changes to a 14 plait there is another short bird’s eye section and then the remainder of the whip is herringbone plait. The thong terminates with an English eye loop for the fall hitch.

The whip has 2 plaited bellies and a weighted, twisted, tapered core. The core and first belly have closed-loop binding and the second belly has an open-loop binding.

The fall is double ended, weighted, and is 32 inches long. the cracker is  8 twisted strands of 65 lb test Dyneema. The whip is waxed and the wooden heel is treated with tung oil.8 ft gold snake whip (11)8 ft gold snake whip (10)8 ft gold snake whip (9)8 ft gold snake whip (8)8 ft gold snake whip (5)8 ft gold snake whip (3)

Close up of one of the bird’s eye patterns

gold snake1

English eye fall hitchgold snake 3

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