A Couple of Side Projects

I finished up a couple of side projects this week for some customers. First was a copy of a get-back whip I had made earlier. The customer liked the whip but wanted a shorter version of it. It is 22 inches overall compared to the original which was 29 inches. Everything else is exactly the same. It has a 16 x 16 pineapple knot holding the 8-ball, which is connected to the panic snap with a 4 strand round braid core. The overlay of the whip is an 8 plait herringbone, the handle is an 8 plait over 2 round crown sinnett and the knots are all Turk’s heads- the heel and transition knots are doubled 7 x 6 THKs and the knot at the 8-ball is an 11 x 4 doubled THK.GBX x 2


The other project was a dog lead for 3 small dogs. The customer wanted something tangle-free to walk all three of her little dogs with a single leash. I looked at several leashes for sale on line and this is what I came up with.  The leash overall is 64 inches, the main lead is 40 inches including the handle and swivel. The handle is an 8 strand double-edged flat braid (ABoK 2996) and the main body of the lead is a 6 strand round braid. Each of the shorter leads is 24 inches including the two snaps and is a 4 strand round braid. There is a 16 x 16 pineapple knot at the handle and all the other decorative knots are 7 x 6 Turk’s heads.3x leash

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