Here’s a few little projects I did to ward off boredom over the last week or so.

Here’s a couple of key fobs. One uses a globe knot to encase a 1.75 in wooden ball. The globe knot is secured with a 6 strand Matthew Walker knot that transitions into a 6 strand round sinnett terminating with a 6 strand diamond knot. Two of the strands are cut of and the key ring is held by a 4 strand round braid.  The second fob starts with a 4 strand round braid to hold the ring. The ends of the round braid are joined to make an 8 strand double-edged flat braid (ABoK 2996) that is folded over and terminated with an 8 strand star knot to make a slider so that the loop formed is adjustable.


This is a lanyard for my back scratcher, It is a a  15 part, 46 bight Hansen knot held in place by 2 diamond lanyard knots.VsPnddU

And this is a 29 inch long get-back whip. I started this with four 20 ft strands of paracord and made a 9×8, 2 pass Turk’s head knot in an open weave to hold the 8 ball, brought the ends together to form an 4 strand Matthew Walker knot (that was later hidden beneath the THK) and then braided a 4 strand round braid up to the panic snap. After running the cords through the snap I added 4 more and plaited 8 strands back down the whip to the 8-ball and tied it off with artificial sinew. Then I used an 8 strand over-2 round sinnett to form the handle and ended it with an 8 strand diamond knot, followed by a 7×6 TH. The heel knot is also a 7×6 TH but doubled to add a little size to it. The knot above the 8-ball is an 11×4 doubled THK. The whip was waxed using paraffin and coconut oil.

Get back - Imgur

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