Jeremy’s GBW

A little side project from the weekend. In between whips right now. Haven’t worked up the nerve to start cutting the Kangaroo hide yet.

A 32 inch get-back whip in black and red with an 8-ball.

I started with 2 24 foot long lengths of 550 paracord, one black and one red, middled them, and tied the 8-ball into a 9×8 Turk’s head with a pineapple interweave. The knot is finished with a 4 strand Matthew walker knot (hidden under the decorative knots above the 8-ball) and then strands are continued up to the panic snap using a 4 strand round braid and looped through the snap. two more strands are middled and added through the snap and plaited back down the length of the whip to the ball again using a barber pole patterned diamond plait.

The diamond plait ends over the Matthew Walker knot using a crown and wall knot and then braided back up the thong a few inches using an 8 strand crown knot braid that is terminated with a multi strand diamond knot.

The handleis an 8 strand round crown braid that also terminates in a multi strand diamond knot..

The heel knot is a 9×8 Turk’s head with a goucho interweave and the small decorative black knots at each end of the thong are Spanish ring knots. The whip was finished in a hot wax bath.20170911_215920

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