Raider is a 8 foot bullwhip in red and black and is my eleventh whip. The handle is 10 inches long with a steel rod center, the core is shot loaded to 24 inches, and it has two bellies.  I usually make this length of whip a 3 belly whip but I’ve been experimenting with a second overlay on the first part of the thong that gives me a little more chance to add a little decoration to the whip but it made the whip pretty heavy and thick so I basically just moved the first belly from the core to the exterior of the whip. The thong is a 16 plait herringbone in black terminating with a traditional fall hitch, a 24 inch shot loaded fall, and a 10 inch Dyneemo cracker.

The carapace is also a 16 plait, but is a short herringbone in red and black. The handle is is a 24 plait, also in red and black. The heel and transition knots are pineapple knots.IMG_8949IMG_8955IMG_8957IMG_8951 (2)

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