Cutting Lace

2 thoughts on “Cutting Lace”

  1. The strands and plaiting looks good! Don’t get discouraged, I’d recommend rounding the corners on that side of leather, set your strander at 8 or 9 mm and make two full passes around the hide. Examine the strand after two passes, do it again, pay attention to how it is cutting but don’t hesitate, just strand. You’ll make some errors but after three or four double passes you’ll likely be doing it without any problems. Keep it up!


    1. Thank you. I will do that, I’m still working with the strands I missed up and an getting more comfortable with the strander and beveler. As soon as I get caught up with some other projects I’ve committed to I’ll tackle that side again. BTW, I really have enjoyed the videos. Lots of good stuff in them.


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