A Pair of Leashes

I was asked to make a pair of leashes for a friend’s dogs. Big dogs. The guy liked the herringbone plait that I use on my whips and asked if it would be possible to use it in the leashes. It was, and here they are. I used about 180 ft of 550 paracord in each leash. Took a total of about 6 hours to make the pair

The handles are from the Ashley Book of Knots #2996, an 8 strand, double-edge flat braid.

The 8 strands are joined with a diamond plait to make a 16 strand joint, then 4 of the strands are separated out and braided into a simple round braid to make a core.

The snap is attached with a back-braid

A herringbone plait is made around the core

and half the cords are passed through the snap and then secured with a modified fall hitch

Decorative pineapple knots are added to the handle junction and snap connection and it’s done.

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