8.5 ft. Bullwhip Update

The thong on the whip is finished and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. There are a couple of spots I let the paracord get a bit twisted and  a few spots where I might have dropped a strand too soon and so there are some wider gaps than I would like, but overall it’s pretty good for my 3rd whip. I think I will decorate the handle a bit before tying the heel and transition knots and waxing it, but the hard part is done. I added a 28 inch weighted double-ended fall and a 12 inch dyneema cracker

Here are a few photos of the whip and video of me trying out in the backyard. It’s the longest whip I’ve ever tried to crack and it took me a few minutes to get used to it (and a few pops to the back of the head.)

This is my son-in-law with the first bullwhip I made, the 6 ft bullwhip.

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