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These whips are in stock.  Shipping to anywhere in the US is included in the price and you can order by clicking on the PayPal button. If you want it shipped outside of the US, fill out this form, including your address in the comment section, and I’ll send you a PayPal invoice with international shipping charges added.  I can also make a whip to your specs, just fill in the form and include the specs in the comment section and I’ll get back to you to discuss your whip and quote a price.  Custom whips require a 50% deposit with the remainder due prior to shipping.

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Roo and Rawhide

8 ft. kangaroo hide bullwhip with 3 plaited kangaroo hide bellies around a twisted rawhide core. The overlay is 16 plait. The handle is 8 inches long with a 1/4 inch spring steel rod in the core and is covered with a 60 strand plaited kangaroo rawhide covering.


More about this whip at Rawhide.


Cafe Latte

5'6" stock whip, 18" ash, half plait handle, 16 plait overlay, 1 belly


More information and photos of this whip here.



8 ft, 12 plait, black, all kangaroo hide bullwhip, 3 bellies, 2 bolsters, latigo fall, dyneema cracker, brass collar and concho.


More information about this whip at Ranger build



6 ft Kangaroo hide stock whip, weighted, twisted kangaroo hide core, kip-skin bolster, kangaroo hide belly and 16 plait overlay in whisky kangaroo hide. The crop is 18 inches long and hand made by me of Goncalo Alves. It has a latigo fall and dyneema cracker.


More information about this whip at Roo build.


Hickory Stick

5 ft. stock whip with a half plait handle. The thong is a 16 plait in black and rust with a twisted taper core and an 8 plait belly. The stock is hickory, 18 inches long with a black and rust 16 plait handle. It has an 8 strand double-edged plaited keeper (ABoK 2996) secured to the stock with a  variation of a a french hitch called a St. Mary's hitch. The handle has a variety of fancy plaiting patterns and the knots are pineapple knots. It has a 28 inch leaded fall and  a 12 inch cracker.


More information about this whip at Hickory Stick



8 ft. kangaroo hide bullwhip in brandy and natural finish hide.  This is a 4 belly whip with no bolsters. The handle is an 8 inch steel rod and each belly is bound with artificial sinew.  Belly 1 is a 4 plait, 2 is a 6 plait, 3 is an 8 plait, 4 is a 12 plait and the overlay is a 16 plait. It has a 6 bight, 7 part Turk's head knot with a pineapple interweave for the heel and transition knots. The overlay ends in an 8 plait diamond pattern with a traditional fall hitch. Lhe latigo fall is 30 inches long and the Dyneema cracker is 10 inches.


Find out more about this whip at Kangaroo hide whip.

Stock Whip


Stock Whip

6 ft paracord stock whip with a full plait handle. BB loaded core, 1 belly, 16 plait overlay. The handle is a 20 inch steel rod with a 16 plait full plait handle.


For more information about this whip visit Stock Whip