Black Magic

I finished a 6 foot bullwhip today that I’m pretty proud of. It’s one I made for myself with an all black overlay, 2 bellies and a test of a new technique for plaiting the overlay. I wanted to incorporate an English eye for the fall hitch instead of the traditional fall hitch. I had … Continue reading Black Magic

Dark Star

Dark Star is my 6th whip-an 8-1/2 ft bullwhip, chocolate brown, with a forest green and gold handle. It has three bellies and the thong overlay is a 24 plait herringbone and is shot loaded for the first 2 feet. There is a steel rod in the 10 inch handle and the handle is a … Continue reading Dark Star

Regal Eagle

Finished my 5th whip today, a 6 ft red and gold bullwhip, 16 plait overlay, 1st belly is a 6 plait, 2nd is 12. It has a shot loaded core and 10 inch steel core handle, a 28 inch weighted fall and 12 inch Dyneema cracker. The handle has a 20 plait overlay in a … Continue reading Regal Eagle