Cutting Lace

I spent most of the last week and a half trying to learn how to cut lace. I’ve watched dozens of videos by Bernie Wojcicke and Bill Nones and other whip makers, and read books by Ron Edwards, David Morgan, and Bruce Grant, and I must say that those guys make it look and sound … Continue reading Cutting Lace

Stock Whip

For whip #10 I’ve made a departure from the standard bull whip and built a 6 foot stock whip. ┬áThe difference between the two is in how the handle is attached to the thong. A bull whip has the handle built into the thong and a stock whip has a separate handle (stock) that is … Continue reading Stock Whip


#9 is an eight and a half foot bullwhip with a 10 inch steel rod in the handle and 2 feet of shot loaded core. It has 3 bellies and a 20 plait overlay in black and O.D. green. It has a 24 inch weighted fall attached by a 6 strand traditional fall hitch and … Continue reading #9

Yellow Jacket

Another weekend break from the current whip project. An 8 ball wrapped in a 9 part, 8 bight Turk’s head knot with a pineapple interweave. A 4 strand round braid core with an 8 strand herringbone plait overlay. Handle is a 8 strand round sinnet. Heel knot is a 7×6 two pass Turk’s head. Transition … Continue reading Yellow Jacket

A Pair of Leashes

I was asked to make a pair of leashes for a friend’s dogs. Big dogs. The guy liked the herringbone plait that I use on my whips and asked if it would be possible to use it in the leashes. It was, and here they are. I used about 180 ft of 550 paracord in … Continue reading A Pair of Leashes

Black Magic

I finished a 6 foot bullwhip today that I’m pretty proud of. It’s one I made for myself with an all black overlay, 2 bellies and a test of a new technique for plaiting the overlay. I wanted to incorporate an English eye for the fall hitch instead of the traditional fall hitch. I had … Continue reading Black Magic